3636 Sansom St, Philadelphia


POD (ongoing)

POD is an restaurant in Philadelphia, serves Asian fusion cuisine. CRÈME was hired to redesign the entire experience. Currently POD has a futuristic interior design approach, mainly using hard molded plastic materials and neon light. Client wanted to transform the space to be more contemporary, yet preserve some of the playfulness. After iterations of studies, we decided to present the concept SUMO.

"SUMO is heavy and light, massive yet graceful. Raw, natural materials hint at the primordial nature of eating around a fire. The experience is transformative. Inspired by the impossible acrobatics of Sumo wrestling an atmosphere of playfully gravity defying forms is created against a subdued minimal palette."

Responsibility: Moodboard, concept sketches, 3D modeling, design development, FF&E




2018 03 05 POD Concept Presentation_Page_03.jpg
2018 03 05 POD Concept Presentation_Page_07.jpg
2018 03 05 POD Concept Presentation_Page_08.jpg
2018 03 05 POD Concept Presentation_Page_10.jpg
2018 03 05 POD Concept Presentation_Page_11.jpg
2018 03 05 POD Concept Presentation_Page_12.jpg